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Teacher's Guide
Unit Three: Action
Arrow Activity Tasks

Students will:

  • define action.
  • learn about people who have inspired Dr. Jane with the actions they have taken to improve the world.
  • complete their own Roots & Shoots project.
  • read a short story that reflects on the importance of action.
  • complete journal entries by discussing whether they agree that one person can make a difference.
  • discover how their projects are helping to create a more sustainable world.
Arrow Dr. Jane’s Lesson
Dr. Jane believes in the power of individuals. She hopes each person realizes that he or she, as just one person, can do much to help the world. Dr. Jane has been inspired by many people taking individual and collective action to help the environment, animals, and humans. Students can open Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to read about these people and their projects and to gain inspiration and ideas of how they can help.

Arrow Duration
  • 20 minutes, not including student projects which will vary in time.
Arrow Materials
Arrow Connecting to the Content
Knowledge and compassion of the world enable people to make sound choices in their actions. People work best when, based on their interests, they can choose what actions they want to take. Choice increases their energy and the likelihood that their actions will be complete and effective. Students are given this opportunity by first having a foundation of knowledge and compassion and then choosing the project in which they want to participate. They are encouraged to do the project in steps from planning to reporting results, giving them hands-on project management experience.

Arrow Procedure
  1. Have students access Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary and find the definition of action. Point out the different definitions listed. Considering the purpose of the Action section, which definition do they think best applies to the word action?
  2. Have the class view Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to learn how other Roots & Shoots groups are working to make their community a better place for all of its inhabitants.
  3. Direct students to complete a Roots & Shoots project following the steps below.
  4. Read the short story, “Star Thrower” and reflect on the importance of action.
  5. Have students complete their journal entries by writing about whether they agree with the statement, “One person can make a difference.” Has their perspective changed as a result of their projects or readings?
  6. Direct class to access The Earth Charter to find out how their projects are helping to create a more sustainable world. Make a list of the Earth Charter principles that are linked to your project.
Arrow Assessment

Have students:

  • demonstrate meaning of the word action.
  • share why they chose the projects they did.
  • demonstrate project planning.
  • prepare a project report.
  • share other actions they can take.
Arrow Extensions
  1. Students may be interested in finding a local Roots & Shoots group in which they can participate, or they may want to help one of the groups listed in Dr. Jane’s scrapbook.
  2. In the Knowledge section, students had the extension option to conduct evaluations of their own school by conducting School Environmental Surveys. Students could create a Roots & Shoots project based on the results of their school surveys.
Arrow Terms
  • There are no vocabulary terms for this section.
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