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Teacher's Guide
Unit Two: Expert
Arrow Activity Tasks

Students will:

  • define multiple intelligences.
  • complete multiple intelligence self profiles and interpret their results.
  • learn how Dr. Jane used her multiple intelligences to achieve success.
  • use one of their multiple intelligences to complete a project.
  • complete journal entries to reflect on how they can use their multiple intelligences to achieve their goals.
Arrow Dr. Jane’s Lesson
Like all people, Dr. Jane exhibits intelligence in different areas. She also has areas with which she struggles, such as foreign languages and facial recognition. In this section, students can learn from Dr. Jane that it is possible to overcome limitations by using their multiple intelligences to achieve success.

Arrow Duration
  • 40 minutes plus time for project (will vary depending on the project the student selected)
Arrow Materials
  • Varies depending on the project students choose to complete
Arrow Connecting to the Content
Sometimes, people need to be reminded that there are several different types of intelligence. A person may not have the ability to learn foreign languages but he or she may excel on the soccer field. Typically, the areas in which people are talented are the same fields they are interested in pursuing. Students can learn what their multiple intelligences are and determine if their intelligences and areas of interest match. They can then decide how they will use these multiple intelligences to pursue their goals.

Arrow Procedure
  1. Have students complete the multiple intelligences self profile.
  2. Direct the class to Dr. Jane’s scrapbook so they can learn how she used her intelligences.
  3. Encourage students to choose and complete one of the following projects that reflects one of their intelligences.
    • Create a scrapbook highlighting your own intelligences.
    • Organize a talent show where classmates share their expertise with each other.
    • Work with a group of younger students and share your expertise on one of the following activities:
      • show how you made your enrichment activities.
      • show how to draw trees and animals.
      • think of your own project.
  4. Have students complete the journal entry:
    • Have class break into groups with students who share similar intelligences and brainstorm strategies they could use to succeed in and outside of school to overcome obstacles, relax and rejuvenate, and deal with challenges.
    • Ask them to write about the way they learn through some of the multiple intelligences and how they can bundle them together to help them achieve their goals in life.
Arrow Assessment

Have students:

  • define multiple intelligences.
  • indicate what their multiple intelligences are; do they agree with the profile results?
  • demonstrate one of their multiple intelligences through the projects they chose.
  • demonstrate whether their multiple intelligences relate to their interests and goals.
  • explain how they will use their multiple intelligences to help them achieve their goals.
Arrow Extensions
Students may research a famous person who has similar multiple intelligences and interests and write a biography about the person, focusing on how he or she used the similar intelligences to achieve success.

Arrow Terms
  • There are no vocabulary terms for this section.
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