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Student's Journal
Unit Four: Celebration
“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey
Arrow Purpose:
  When you finish a Roots & Shoots project, it is always a good idea to connect to your community by sharing your work with others. Your project is a symbol of hope in your community and it can sometimes lead to other positive changes. It is your job to determine the best way to celebrate and share your news.
Arrow Activities:
  1. Define the word celebrate.
  2. Share the news of your project in your community. Your group will need to determine the best ways to communicate your message. Here is a list of options to choose from:
  3. Celebrate your hard work.
    • Throw a party. Invite everyone who helped make the project a success.
    • Compile a project scrapbook with photos and captions and display at your school or in your community.
    • Create a website highlighting your project.
    • Paint a group mural to commemorate your project.
    • Plant a special tree to commemorate your project.
    • Brainstorm other ways to celebrate.
  4. Visit Dr. Jane’s scrapbook and see how she spreads her message and celebrates.
  5. Find your Roots & Shoots tree sketch and see if during the course of your Roots & Shoots project you discovered new roots (people who support you) or new shoots (new hopes, dreams, or things you want to accomplish in life) that you want to add to your tree. If so, add them.
  6. Complete journal entry.
  7. Listen to Dr. Jane’s final message and begin brainstorming your next Roots & Shoots project.
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