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Teacher's Guide
Unit Four: Celebration
Arrow Activity Tasks

Students will:

  • define celebrate.
  • share the news of their projects.
  • celebrate their hard work.
  • discover how Dr. Jane spreads her message and celebrates her life.
  • add new dreams, aspirations, and supporters to their trees.
  • reflect and journal about their new dreams and supporters.
  • brainstorm how they can continue their Roots & Shoots project or start a new one.
Arrow Dr. Jane’s Lesson
Dr. Jane spreads her message of care for the earth and its inhabitants over 300 days a year to people around the world. Although she works hard, Dr. Jane realizes the importance of having fun. During her travels, she spends time with her family and friends. She also marks important occasions and celebrates them. Students can review Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to see how she shares her information and celebrates her accomplishments.

Arrow Duration
  • Varies depending on projects students are completing.
Arrow Materials
  • Varies depending on projects students are completing.
Arrow Connecting to the Content
An important component of completing a project is sharing with others what you have learned. Students who educate others about their projects increase awareness about issues affecting the environment, animals, and humans. This gives them experience in communicating with the community and increases awareness and support. Students are also encouraged to reward themselves and their groups by choosing a way to celebrate their success. Taking time to celebrate re-energizes groups and emphasizes that their actions really do make a difference.

Arrow Procedure
  1. Direct the class to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary to find the definition of celebrate.
  2. Have students share the news of their projects in their communities. They will need to determine the best ways to communicate their messages. Following are a list of options:
  3. Encourage students to celebrate their hard work. Following are a list of options:
    • Throw a party. Invite everyone who helped make the project a success.
    • Compile a project scrapbook with photos and captions and display at your school or in your community.
    • Create a website highlighting your project.
    • Paint a group mural to commemorate your project.
    • Plant a special tree to commemorate your project.
    • Brainstorm other ways to celebrate.
  4. Ask students to visit Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to learn how she spreads her message and celebrates.
  5. Have students look at their tree sketch and see if, during the course of their Roots & Shoots projects, they discovered new roots (people who support them) or new shoots (hopes and dreams). If so, have them add them to their trees.
  6. Have students reflect on and write about how their trees have changed. Have their dreams and aspirations changed? Do they have any new supporters or mentors?
  7. Direct students to Dr. Jane's final message and begin brainstorming their next Roots & Shoots projects.
Arrow Assessment

Have students:

  • explain the meaning of the word, celebrate.
  • demonstrate how they will share the news of their project.
  • share their celebration plans.
  • share how their trees have changed.
Arrow Extensions
If students are in year 9 or 10, either they or faculty could keep the student trees and pull them out again when students are in year 11 or 12. Students then review where they were years ago, how they have changed, and then add to their trees or make new ones.

Arrow Terms
There are no vocabulary terms for this section.
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