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Teacher's Guide
Unit One: Roots
Arrow Activity Tasks

Students will:

Arrow Dr. Jane’s Lesson
Dr. Jane realizes the support of her family and friends has helped her achieve many goals. She has encouraged this support by keeping these people involved in her life. Even when she was thousands of miles away in Africa, she communicated what she was doing and inquired about the lives of her loved ones through letters. In addition to people, Dr. Jane found support through animals, books, music, and her faith. Sometimes it’s difficult for students to remember all the possible sources of encouragement. They can view Dr. Jane’s tree to remind them that there are many places they can seek support to help them achieve their dreams.

Arrow Duration
  • 40 minutes and one optional, 20-minute, out of class activity
Arrow Materials
Arrow Connecting to the Content

People do not achieve their dreams alone. They need others to support them and interests from which they draw inspiration. Students contemplate and nurture their support system. Then they list people and interests that motivate them and write letters to one of their supporters. This emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships in their personal lives and their future professional lives. They can then continue to build their trees by adding the names of their supporters to the roots.

Arrow Procedure
  1. Direct students to make a list of the people who support them. This might include relatives, caregivers, friends, coaches, teachers, and neighbors. It could also include animals. Do they have a favorite piece of music, art, or poem, or a place in nature where they like to spend time? Have them add all of these to their tree roots.
  2. Ask them to write a thank you letter to someone on this list to let the person know they are thinking of him or her.
  3. For an optional, out-of-class activity, have students create a calendar of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations of their supporters. This will help them remember these dates every year.
  4. Invite students to send an e-card to their supporters for the supporters’ birthdays or other special days.
  5. Have the class read “Reason, Season, or Lifetime Friends” and reflect on the relationships in their lives.
  6. Ask them to read Dr. Jane’s Scrapbook about her childhood roots.
  7. Students complete their journal entries by reflecting on the message in “Reason, Season, or Lifetime Friends” and explaining why they wrote letters to the people they selected.
Arrow Assessment

Have students:

  • explain how the people and things on their lists have supported them.
  • indicate why they wrote a letter to the special person they selected.
  • demonstrate why it is helpful to remain in contact with their supporters and why it is important to acknowledge the interests that give them joy and inspiration.
Arrow Extensions
Students may want to learn about another person’s life and how that person gained support from other people and interests.

Arrow Terms
  • D-Day – Also known as the Invasion of Normandy. On June 6, 1944, Allied forces invaded German-held territory across the English Channel on the shores of France. The invasion resulted in the opening of two ports, allowing soldiers and equipment to move into France to support the Allied force. It marked a significant turning point in World War II and aided in the eventual defeat of Hitler’s armies.
  • Sir Winston Churchill – (1874-1965) A British statesman, soldier, and author. One of the most influential leaders of the 20th century, he served as Prime Minister of England during World War II.
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