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Student's Journal
Welcome to the Roots, Shoots & Mentors
In this unit, you will draw a tree. This tree will illustrate the root structure that supports you, i.e., the important people who give you a foundation in life, and the shoots or limbs will represent the hopes and dreams that you are branching out toward in your life. To complete this project, begin the assignments in the Roots, Shoots & Mentors Unit starting with the Overview of Roots & Shoots Tree Exercise.
Arrow Overview of Roots & Shoots Tree Exercise:
  • Research and draw a particular type of tree
  • Draw your tree using tree sketching guide
  • Complete journal entry
Arrow Roots:
  • Make lists of your supporters
  • Write a thank you letter and stay in contact
    • create calendar
    • send greeting cards
  • Read "Reason, Season, or Lifetime Friends"
  • Read about Dr. Jane's childhood roots
  • Label your roots
  • Complete journal entry
Arrow Shoots:
  • Search for clues from your childhood about buried dreams
  • Remember some of your favorite things (i.e., books, movies)
  • Add hopes and dreams to tree branches
  • View Dr. Jane's scrapbook
  • Read article about childhood dreams
  • Complete journal entry
Arrow Mentors:
  • What is a mentor?
  • Take a mentor quiz
  • Learn about Dr. Jane's mentors
  • Learn about other famous mentor pairs
  • Add mentors to roots of your tree
  • Listen to Dr. Jane tell the fable of the Eagle and the Wren
  • Complete journal entry
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