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Student's Journal
Unit One: Roots & Shoots Tree Exercise
Arrow Purpose of Tree Activity:
Make a sketch of a tree that shows who you are. This tree will illustrate the root structure that supports you, i.e., the important people who give you a foundation in life. The shoots or limbs will represent the hopes and dreams that you are branching out toward in your life.
Arrow Find Your Tree:
Your tree can come from nature or from your imagination. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know a tree that has special meaning to you? Is this the tree you want to represent you?
  • In what season will you draw your tree?
  • Is it a shade tree?
  • Is it an evergreen?
  • Does it bear fruit? Is it in bloom?
  • Does it live in a tropical or temperate zone?
2. Make a list of trees that you like or are important to you.
3. Research the type of tree that interests you.
4. Spend time outdoors observing and sketching trees.
5. In your final tree sketch, be sure to include the root structure underneath the ground. Leave enough space in the roots to label the people who support you and in the branches to label your hopes and dreams.
6. View the tree that Dr. Jane selected and find out why she chose it.
7. Complete journal entry.
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