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Student's Journal
Unit Two Overview
In this unit, you will improve your observation skills, take field notes, improve the lives of animals who are the subjects of your research, and learn more about your multiple intelligences.
Arrow Observer:
  • Define observe.
  • Complete observation activities.
  • View Dr. Jane’s scrapbook and look for ways that she was a good observer.
  • Complete journal entry.
  • Locate Tanzania on the interactive map.
  • Survey of chimpanzee behavior:
    • View Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to see her adventures in Africa.
    • Pretend that you are looking through Dr. Jane’s binoculars and take field notes.
    • Complete mini primate research project.
    • Watch the chimpanzee video clips for a second time and compare your notes to those of a Gombe researcher.
    • Give oral presentation.
Arrow Pioneer:
  • Define pioneer.
  • View Dr. Jane’s scrapbook and see her pioneering method of research.
  • Read a chapter from In The Shadow of Man.
  • Conduct field observations (Select one of the following):
    • Observe and take field notes of captive primates (chimpanzees or other primates) at the zoo.
    • Observe and take field notes of other animals in your community.
  • Create enrichment activities (Select one of the following):
    • Help improve the lives of captive primates.
    • Help improve the lives of other animals in your community.
  • During your field trip to the zoo, you will make general observations of chimpanzees, and then focus on one particular behavior that interests you.
  • Complete journal entry.
Arrow Expert:
  • Define multiple intelligences.
  • Respond to questions in the Multiple Intelligences Self Profile.
  • View Dr. Jane’s scrapbook and see the way she uses the multiple intelligences.
  • Create multiple intelligence project.
  • Complete journal entry.
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