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Student's Journal
Unit One: Shoots
Arrow Purpose of Shoots Activity:
Identify the hopes and dreams you want to strive for during your life and then label them on the branches of your tree. As Dr. Jane noted, a tiny shoot can seem very weak, but to reach the light, it can break open brick walls. Likewise, many dreams are possible.
Arrow Activity:
Search for clues from your childhood to uncover buried and long-forgotten dreams. By completing the following exercises you may rediscover some of them. Be prepared to discuss your answers.
1. Imagine that we have gone back in time. You are now 10 years old and it is Saturday afternoon. Can you remember what made you lose track of time because you were completely engaged in the activity? Try to remember what you were doing. Can you uncover a hidden interest? Often you will discover that things that fascinated you in your childhood later turn into interests as an adult.
2. Review lists of these books and movies to jog your memory. Then make a list of your childhood favorites. Do you see a pattern to the stories or movies that you liked? If you were to pick one of these books or movies to read or watch now, which one would you pick? Why?
3. Using all of the information you have gathered, list the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and interests that you want to pursue. Add items from this list to the branches of your tree sketch.
4. View Dr. Jane’s scrapbook to learn about her childhood dreams.
5. Read about how childhood daydreams help people realize their current dreams.
6. Complete journal entry.
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