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Shoots: Overview
Today Dr. Jane's hopes center around promoting peace and respect for life as well as ending suffering for humans and animals. However, when she was a girl, she dreamed of animals and Africa. In the Shoots section of the digital scrapbook, we learn about young Jane's passions and interests which turned into her hopes and dreams in England.
1. Overview Overview
2. Growing Up in England Growing Up in England
3. A Girl and Her Chimp A Girl and Her Chimp
4. Where Does the Egg Come Out? Where Does the Egg Come Out?
5. You Tarzan, Me Jane You Tarzan, Me Jane
6. Animal Tales Animal Tales
7. Jane's Nature Quiz Jane's Nature Quiz
8. The Alligator Club The Alligator Club
9. She Dreamed of Africa She Dreamed of Africa
10. Independent Study Independent Study
11. A Hamster at Oxford A Hamster at Oxford
12. The Slackest Day The Slackest Day
13. Even Jane Waitressed Even Jane Waitressed
14. The Lunch Rush The Lunch Rush
15. To Africa To Africa
16. Into the Bay of Biscay Into the Bay of Biscay
17. Letters written by Dr. Jane from age 7 to 22 Letters written by Dr. Jane from the age 7 to 22
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