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Student's Journal
Unit One: Roots & Shoots Tree Exercise
Tree Sketching Directions

Tree sketching can be intimidating. Many people worry that they are not good artists. However, the purpose of sketching trees is to learn how to observe carefully, not to become an artist. It is important to remember that there is a long tradition of scientists using nature sketches to record observations. For example, Jane Goodall kept a detailed nature journal in Africa.

When sketching your tree, be sure to use your imagination and include the root structure underneath the ground. Leave enough space in the roots to label the people who support you and in the branches to label your hopes and dreams.

Arrow Materials Needed:
Print Tree Sketching Guide.

Use firm backing to support drawing papers. This can be anything from cardboard to classroom books to clipboards. Attach with paper clips.

Pencils (bring extras). Ballpoint and felt-tipped pens are fine too. Colored pencils also work well.
Collecting bags for objects, such as leaves, bark, nuts, seeds from the tree, to draw and study indoors. Collect only fallen objects; pull no roots; collect only where permission is given.
Suitable clothing for the seasons - raincoats, warm jackets, boots, etc.
Arrow Record Seasonal Information:

You will need to record the following seasonal data when you sketch your trees:

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