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Student's Journal
Knowledge: Research a Community Problem
Arrow Research Instructions:
  1. Now that you have completed the community evaluation, you have information about a variety of issues and problems in your community. Choose one of these issues or problems that is of particular interest or concern to you. Research that issue or problem more fully.
  2. Tips for your research:
    • Ask around! You can get information from many of the adults in your school including teachers, counselors, administrators, maintenance workers, and coaches. Parents and neighbors can be valuable resources as well.
    • Use the internet: Using a search engine such as Google, put in terms that relate to your problem or issue and the name of the community affected by it (this could be your city or town, or perhaps your neighborhood or school). Examples:
      • homeless - Birmingham, Alabama
      • abandoned animals - Hanover, New Hampshire
      • native plant species - El Dorado County, California
      • recycling - District of Columbia Public Schools Washington, D.C.
      • wildlife rehabilitation - Lawrence, Kansas
    • If your problem or issue involves human behavior, you may want to conduct a survey; for example, if you want to learn more about energy consumption in your school, you could interview staff and students about their energy usage.
    • Contact your local volunteer clearinghouse; you can find this information in a phonebook or on the internet.
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