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Lessons for Hope is a web-based project written by the Jane Goodall Institute and produced by the Center for Applied Technologies in Education at the University at Buffalo. High school students can learn about Dr. Jane Goodall's extraordinary life and explore the sources of her optimism and hope for the future. As part of this program, students learn about the ways that Dr. Goodall has sustained herself throughout her 40 years of researching chimpanzees as well as promoting care and concern for all living things. As students learn about Dr. Goodall's life story, they examine their own lives and their communities. The course activities are designed to give students an opportunity to apply these life lessons in order to empower them to make a positive contribution in the world.

The project covers 12 Lessons for Hope distilled from Dr. Goodall's life and are applicable to everyone. The first unit includes nurturing a support system, identifying one's hopes and dreams, and working with mentors. The second unit includes using powers of observation, developing pioneering ideas and exploring aptitudes to create Expertise. The third unit includes gaining knowledge about one's community, exploring compassion, and designing and implementing a Roots & Shoots project. The final unit includes: reflecting on resilience, perseverance and celebration. Click on the Student's Journal to begin Lessons for Hope.

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