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Chimpanzee Behavior
Mother - Infant
A chimpanzee's childhood is quite similar to humans; they are dependent on their mothers, and learned behavior during this period shapes the social skills that they will have and need as they grow into adults. Good chimpanzee mothers are patient and attentive, always there to lend a helping hand, while at the same time allowing their young to learn through trial and error.

Jane's observation:
One day, when Flint was just less than five months old, Flo got up to go and, instead of pressing Flint to her belly, took his arm in one hand and hoisted him over her shoulder onto her back. There he remained for a few yards before he slipped down and clung to her arm. For a short distance Flo continued, with Flint gripping around her elbow; then she pushed him back under her tummy. The next day when Flo arrived in camp, Flint was clinging precariously to her back, hanging on to her sparse hair with his hands and feet. When Flo left she again pushed her son up onto her back, and again he clung there awhile before sliding down and dangling from one hand by her side. This time after walking thirty yards or so, Flo pushed him once more onto her back. After this Flint nearly always rode on Flo's back or else dangled beside her while she walked the mountains. This was not surprising, since all infants after a certain age start riding their mothers rather than clinging on beneath; but we were astonished to see that Fifi, when next we saw her take Flint, also tried to push him onto her back. This was surely an example of learning by direct example of her mother's behavior.
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