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Action: Send African Students to High School
Send African Students to High School
Jane with African schoolgirl and schoolboy

In the villages near Gombe, many girls want to attend high school, but their parents cannot afford it. Families that are able to pay for some schooling give first priority to their boys, so many girls do not receive a high school education. Jusline is a seventeen-year-old girl who finished primary school and was selected to attend high school. But when she was fourteen, her mother died and her father was unable to manage all the needs of the family. Even with her older sister working to help, there was not enough money for Jusline to continue her education.

TACARE (pronounced either as ta car’ ee or as take care) is a program at the Jane Goodall Institute that supports village communities through training and education. Because most girls in Jusline’s village do not receive a high school education, many remain dependent on their families. To address this issue, TACARE established a scholarship program to send girls to high school.

Through the donations people made to TACARE, Jusline received the money she needed to attend high school. Now she can continue her education, and in the future, will be less dependent on her family.

You and your Roots & Shoots group can help the TACARE organization send girls to school by holding fundraisers. The amount of money needed differs depending on the village and school. But any amount you raise will make a difference in a student’s future. If your group wants to send a check from the money you fundraise, make it out to “TACARE” and send it to the Jane Goodall Institute.

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