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Knowledge: Learning to Help
Oakland Zoo Boys
Two students from the Oakland Zoo High School Roots & Shoots group gather information about native cavity-nesting bees

One Roots & Shoots group who first learned about their community before acting was the Oakland Zoo High School. The group learned that a growing human population is negatively impacting cavity-nesting bees by decreasing their natural habitat (dead trees and hollow plant stems) and by increasing pollution. Food sources are also low because honey bees compete with native bees for food. The group learned that many plants depend on the cavity-nesting bees for pollination and many animals and humans depend on the plants, so the population decrease has wide-ranging effects. To find a solution to the problem, the students are involved in an ongoing study with an entomologist from the University of California, Berkeley. They are identifying the plant species that are utilized by both honeybees and native cavity-nesting bees. Through the plant identification, students will be able to determine which species of plants in an urban ecosystem are the most important to maintain for the cavity-nesting bees. Once they have collected this information, the students will be able to decide the best action to take.

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